This section of this website deals with the budget day wherein Mr.Iyer has traded in Grasim in 100 lots and has given a profitability of 3.5 lakhs..in a single day which means that an average investor by multiple trading can earn an amount of 3.5 lakhs when the markets are too volatile..The maximum number of lots used was 9 in intraday of budget…day…

Which means repeated usage of lots produces multiple trading,increases the multiple chances of winning also and where there is a sudden exaggerated movement in the market…the profit tends to grow to a level of 3.5 lakhs in a single day..Average gross profit is 3594 per lot which means for each lot his excellent strategy earns him 4000rs in nutshell

Considering the margin money to be 2 lakhs..of which at any time 15000 is been used even considering 3 lots with margin of 5000 each is used..that means…he is getting a 4000/5000=80% return on single lot which is stupendous and is great..

So it is very clear that Mr.Iyer’s formula stands the test of time and faces days like Budget special day…

Author: Vishnu sathya narayana iyer

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