1. Always stay away from negative people,that is the basic thing,which every wise person should do,Negative people are such thorns whom neither you can keep with yourself and neither leave them..Living with such negative people is like walking on thorns....Neither they improve,,neither they allow others to improve..The greatest power of these negative scoundrels is that they put counterlogic in such  a way that for few minutes any wise man goes mad..That is the power of these  people…These eccentric negative people have the unique dreaded quality of finding a problem in each solution.They are innert lazy people who dont want to work but want to enjoy life just like that..
  2. If an intelligent gives a wonderful offer to a young man who is jobless..and wants to invoke the innert talent of that person,even in that that joblessman will prefer to be jobless because he sees a job in joblessness.That is the pathetic situation of such a negative person whose main work is to spread negativeness in all the ways possible and all fashion possible…
  3. If there is a problem and if an intelligent man finds thousand solutions for it,he has proved what he is,whereas an negative man will find 1000 problems in 1000 solutions..
  4. For example,Mr.Iyer has created  a unique win win model for stock market which gives money in intraday and delivery based also.An positive man will work like this.A negative man,will feel that even though a unique solution for stock market is there,where can he generate the margin fund for it..He will expect that a-z should be done by Mr.Iyer only..Right from formula creation to margin generation everything should be done by Mr.Iyer..That is the way a negative and a lazy person works…!!!..So that is the reason why people say “STAY AWAY FROM NEGATIVE PERSON..BECAUSE THE DAMAGE WHAT A NEGATIVE MAN DOES IS MUCH MORE THAN ANYBODY ELSE!!!
  5. Drafted by   of law,jordan law! dot com!!