Respected Sir

This information is been sent to you as a most specialised representation of the true facts pertaining to our scientific invention done by a mulki of hyderabad and a osmania university post graduate

My father Mr.B.Ramani Iyer is a senior retired officer from ONGC,and has taken voluntary retirement from the field of petroleum exploration,but before taking VRS from ONGC,he had been trained in decision analysis and Mr.Iyer is the first world renowned scientist in the world who has made a unique win win model which has a special nomenclature for itself in the field of finance.My father ‘s wonderful product for the stock markets has establised initials,a hallmark stamp,a trademark for its existence in the field of finance and my father has proved that a single handed man by his research can achieve the unachievable heights in the field of stock market and has find a new direction for the reestablishment of economic theories which develops the spirit,functionality,orientation towards the growth of our most honourable country,India.

This special product and invention has been informed by my father-scientist Mr.Ramani Iyer to SEBI and the govt bodies in 2005..and has got subsequent appreciating replies for his invention from all the important officials of the indian govt.Thereafter mr.iyer has systematically marketed his product in the field of stock market and lot of stock market investors have turned beneficiaries by the innovative thinking of Mr.Iyer who knows to only revising his ideas on a daily perspective and who worked tirelessly for 30 years continous for the economic welfare of this country and the world.Recently he has been recognised by the us companies and companies of all over the world and has been awarded a 2.5 lakh crore deal which will make him the richest man in india very soon.

My father and I,are personally committed to the welfare of the Andhra pradesh govt and want that the economic formulas developed by my father and the strategies developed by my father should be useful to the government of Andhra pradesh and its welfare and as a true indian citizen

Ever at the service of the state of Andhra pradesh govt