The most honourable Mr.James Gorman,Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley


Subject:A unique invention for stock market by world renowned scientist who took decision analysis as the basis for his scientific invention which aims at international development of world economy


Respected Sir

This is to inform to his excellency that  my father,Mr.B.Ramani Iyer,is the only scientist in the world who is a retired geologist from ONGC,India and has taken decision analysis as the base for achieving a unique solution for stock markets and wants that this unique product which has been guided by Mr.Paul Newendorp,an American decision analyst,who formerly instructed him for oil and petroleum exploration..but in due course of time,,my father Mr.Iyer  contacted Mr.Paul,took his permission and then used those techniques imbibed to him for petroleum exploration for stock market

So again it has been proved that the United States of America is the only supernatural power in the world,which comes for the help for the common man wherever he is and whichever nationality he belongs to..

For the first time in the world,stock market has been made 0% risk and 100% successful..and has been seen that the world heads for a global economical growth under the expert patronage of my father Mr.B.Ramani Iyer

Through this communication to his excellency we want to bring to your kind notice that this scientific invention and its applications can be used for the service of the united states of America,whose global focus is to help the world…and world economy

Thanking you

Yours Faithfully

R.Vishnu Sathyanarayana Iyer