PREFACE:Welcome to this preface first..This preface if read properly,,has immense possibility to change your life course itself..what you require is  patience to read this entire document..So develop it first and then read this…

Technicals and fundamentals are nothing but a stumbling block for the growth of any individual in stock market..People may feel and think that using technicals one person can win in stock market..This is the biggest flaw and blunder anybody may tend to do….Only rational thinking can improve a man beyond  alimit..So has been done by the great of the greatest scientist for stock market Mr.B.Ramani Iyer who  was has worked day and night for creating formulas and mind boggling strategies…beyond comprehension of human mind… which  has been made for satisfying  for all sections of people and all sections of the market

IF you want to improve in should always think faster,better rather the best than others..This factor has been proved by Mr.Iyer by his actions…and has also seen to it that stock market is the most potential  arena for spinning money..Mr.Iyer felt that when cash flows like a river..just working for 10 hours can fetch you in lakhs,,from the market ..why cant he think on this direction of winning the market without using technicals and fundamentals…

Each winning fantastic strategies of Mr.Iyer is based on certain rules which has to be blindly followed..

After thorough practicing in the market and doing proper mock trading,,the trainees can go ahed and trade in stock market..straight..

For winning in stock market any person should have a lucid and fluid approach which means a strong position taken and our sticking to the same position will prove fatal to the interest of making money…because trading in market is not for losses,but only for profits..A person who heads for a gambler’s ruin will try  to stick to the same position and in due course of time perishes..Mr.Iyer’s unique theory is that keep on changing your positions,become accustomed to the market movement..behave like a tender leaf which moves alongwith the wind and which exists more long time in the world..True to say,,even if people criticize that don’t change colours like a chameleon. Only chameleon has the maximum scope for survival from its enemies because of the great talent to accustom to the natural nature scenery around it..So we should behave like a chameleon when you are in stock market…Mr.Iyer emphasizes only on the fact that stock market itself is a dual operated market..When market has the liberty to rise and fall..why should an investor hold it only to one position..???..Each day market cheats the common man by its dangerous moves and outsmarts an investor’s money by triggering his stoplosses and the poor investor is helpless before the mightiest market..

But for the first time in the world..The son of Goddess Mahalakshmi Mr.B.Ramani Iyer has challenged the market itself and has told that by his constant changing positions in the market from short to long and long to short he is totally keeping the market in a perplexed mood and outsmarts the market itself..alongwith the market even the market movers also..When there is  a fluid operation going on..where does the question of loss arise at all???