1. This information is a general information for all sections of society for everybody to read and understand few basic facts
  2. Mr.B.Ramani Iyer is the pride owner of stock market formulas and mr.vishnu sathyanarayana iyer is also into stock market only.
  3. Their main profession is stock market trading and they have the credit of doing a turnover of 10500 crores in a short span of 4 months in 2008 with Sushil Finance Company,Hyderabad,with just a margin of 50 lakhs.
  4. They are totally into stock market and have got the 2.5 lakh crore deal from 150 companies spread all over the world by publicising the ad in facebook.The name of the project is Project Alpha making Mr.Vishnu Sathyanarayana Iyer into the forbes list
  5. Mr.B.Ramani Iyer and R.Vishnu Sathyanarayana Iyer are now american citizens owing to the rich contribution they have done for stock market.
  6. Mr.R.Vishnu Sathyanarayana Iyer is a very very high profile businessman and both father-son are not allowed to communicate to normal people just like that owing to their higher status
  7. Shri Mahalakshmi Enterprises has totally merged with american companies and does not have any individuality of its own.All business dealings done by Mr.B.Ramani Iyer has the full approval of americans and Mr.Iyer only does as per the guidelines and suggestions,and strict business discipline enforced by Americans
  8. Americans are into film production also..So any dealing done by R.Vishnu Sathyanarayana Iyer has the sanction of all the ceos of the 150 companies and there is no scope for any reformity of any sort by any indian in the rules fixed by americans.
  9. Americans have also fixed strict rules for Indian Stock Market Brokers
  10. Till the stock market brokers and other business class dont follow the rules and regulations of the americans no business will be given from the american point of view
  11. American approval is the most pre requirement for any business dealing
  12. Mr.R.Vishnu Sathyaarayana Iyer inspite of being a strict businessman is also a excellent classical singer and his excellent songs are available in the youtube for people to listen
  14. This is for general information
  15. Drafted by the  of law,Jordan law dot com
  16. People can contact,


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