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  2. Revolution in the marketing field for the first time.What is definition of revolution and what is impact of marketing based on revolution???
  3. It is as simple as it is,,revolution means thinking different,thinking something new,redefining your old ideas in a new format,demarcating old ideas which hinders one’s growth,doing something new,and doing something great which seldom others dont do due to fear…and this revolutisining concept is very very required,rather an extreme mandatory factor when it comes to marketing because marketing,itself,more than money and investment requires new thinking.
  4. Ofcourse,nobody can try to market or try to make bugs on the same old stuffs which is already available in the market..That is the reason people say marketing a revolutionised stuff is million times more tougher than anything else in this world
  5. WE are introducing the easy term “marketing group”…
  6. Buyer can buy any product at 25-30% of the tag price by being a member of the easy term marketing group…
  7. Seller can sell his product at double the price with assurance by being an member of our easy term marketing group
  8. These things are just possible by having growth component inside which is totally possible only through our unique win win model
  9. Membership fees and other factors can be discussed and varied from case to case and will be decided by the  of law,”Jordan Meghanes”.