This contract is entered between R.Sathyanarayana Iyer,Chairman,Shri Mahalakshmi Enterprises,aged________years and __________________aged ______,,residing at _____________.

Mr.Sathyanarayana Iyer will be referred to as first party and the client will be referred to as second party.

The second party approaches the first party for entering into a contract based confirmed cash return and the first party has agreed to the second party for working for the second party through its sources.

The first party has told to second party that it is working with foreign collaboration and can work with second party only through sources and its strength force of traders and employees.

The second party has wholeheartedly accepted it and is still ready for the first party and its formula  which produces confirmed cash return.

The first party has informed the second party that the confirmed cash return is been generated only through stock market and that too using the expertise technique of formula.

The second party has got convinced and given an expression of interest and confidence certificate to the effect that he totally believes the product of the first party and has seen all the websites,youtube videos and has convinced himself with the functioning of magic volumes 3,6,18,54 also..which shows that the second party is not taking any unknown risk and is fully confident about the functioning of the first party and its formula.

The second party after convincing itself million times only has approached..the first party for the confirmed cash return offer and wants himself to be enrolled for the same.

The first party has informed the second party that the advance for this scheme is 1 lakh which consists of 50000 rs as operator fees and 50000 rs as advance profit which will be deducted from the profit generated..Operator fees is not deducted at all and only the profit sharing advance will be deducted.

The second party has expressed his interest for agreeing for the same after providing his aadhar card,and other proofs.

The first party has told that the profit sharing will be 60-40 ratio which means 60% of the profit belongs to the second party and the second party has firmly agreed to the effect that the cash profit will be partitioned daily.

The first party has informed that the trading session will be for 4-5 working days and if in case there is any amount of loss arising out in trading due to non volatility in the market and the counter traded the trading session will be increased to more 5 days..recovering the losses also if any.

The first party will maximum work for 2 weeks for the second party and if in case the second party wants to engage the services of the first party then he has to renew the contract with new advance of 1 lakh.

The first party has informed the second party that the counters traded are Bank Nifty, ,SBI,GRASIM,RCOM,RPOWER.

The second party has agreed for the condition that the expected intraday return is 40000-50000(subjected to market volatility)and the first party will not be responsible for the infrastructure,current failure,internet failure,rms rejections and other failures which may demarcate the functioning of the first party.

The first party has informed the second party that the margin money required for the same is 2 lakhs with any broker.

The first party has told that the trading will be done in only one trading account.

The second party will never divulge the content of the trading to any third party which will be construed as breach of contract and will expose the second party to instant cancellation of the trading and contract.

Both the parties have agreed  that any confusion or arguments or misunderstanding arising between both the parties will be put to control only through arbitration and both the parties will not approach the court for the same at any situation


This contract has been agreed and signed on .______________at _________________dated______________under the total acceptance of both the parties